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Akashic Alphabet

by Trenace Rose

ISBN: 978-0-9898812-5-8

12.25" x 10.75"   Hardcover    72 pages   


       Akashic Alphabet is a one-of-a-kind, research-based, spiritual-Inspirational, fine art gift book of the highest quality. With a 4-color dust jacket, the hardcover is bound in white linen cloth with silver foil and specialty-weight pages for a luxurious presentation. A molecule gateway invites entry into the light of the astral realm. There, the journey
begins through a grand, vignette banquet created to fill your hearts with wonder. This thought-provoking series of vision narratives coupled with acutely sensitive Illustrations, painted by a Master Artist, conveys diverse cultural and spiritual philosophies from around the world, revealing a graceful connection of Oneness in all.
     The author was introduced to Transcendental Meditation at age 16 which was the beginning of a passionate exploration into various cultural beliefs. She has been active in the Science of Yoga as a spiritual practice, for the last 24 years and it was while reading one of Paramahansa Yoganandaʼs extraordinary passages in his book, The Second Coming of Christ, that a seed for the book, Akashic Alphabet, was planted, blossoming into form through 6 years of research, solitude and ongoing meditation.

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Trenace Rose

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