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Imperfect Past I

by Charles F. Bryan, Jr.

ISBN: 978-0-9981471-1-6

6" x 9"     Hard cover     312 pages


       Imperfect Past: History in a New Light is a compilation of the published essays of Dr. Charles F. Bryan, Jr., organized in nine sections that demon- strate that history is, indeed, more compelling than what our grandparents were taught. Bryan is a specialist in Civil War history, and nearly twenty percent of his essays cover that crucial event in the American experience, from the role of slavery in causing the war to its horrendous cost in lives.

       Readers of Imperfect Past will learn how air-conditioning transformed the South; how winter was once a matter of life and death; why people live longer now; how one of our nation’s most infamous villains captured and burned Richmond; how ten books changed the course of American history; why a former Olympic athlete was called “the man who saved Christmas;” what makes great teachers great; why George Washington was one of our best military commanders; and numerous other subjects that will help read- ers see the past and the present in a new light.
      Imperfect Past has something for almost anyone who loves history and appreciates it from different perspectives.

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Charles F. Bryan, Jr., PhD.

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