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Jerome Kersey Overcoming the Odds

by Kerry Eggers  

ISBN: 978-1-7368989-3-2 

6" x 9" soft cover  352 pages


       Jerome Kersey was born in Clarksville, Virginia, which is a small rural community in southside Virginia, and he attended public schools in Mecklenburg County. The thought of playing in the NBA was indeed a dream, requiring a belief beyond the reality of his youth. He became a scholarship athlete at Longwood College (now Longwood University), which was just becoming accustomed to “men on campus” for a school that was always known as a state teacher’s college. The combination of athletic maturity, great mentors and coaches and a few good breaks provided Jerome Kersey the means of “Overcoming the Odds” to have a legendary career in the NBA. This book shares his story.

Proceeds from the biography go to the JK ‘84 Men’s Basketball Scholarship at Longwood University.

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Kerry Eggers

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