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Secretariat: The Tremendous Machine Rolls On

by Kate Chenery Tweedy with Leeanne Ladin        

Foreword by Penny Chenery

ISBN: 978-0-9981471-9-2

8 x 10 soft cover, 24 pages


       On March 30, 1970 a legend was born at The Meadow, a historic farm in Caroline County, Virginia. It was Secretariat, the great red stallion who became the 1973 Triple Crown winner and “America’s Super Horse.” This book celebrates the land, known as The Meadow in Doswell, Virginia, the family, especially Chris Chenery and his daughter, Penny, and the legend, Secretariat. The story is told by Penny Chenery's daughter, Kate Chenery Tweedy, with the assistance of her co-author, Leeanne Ladin. More than 300 photos, most of which have never been seen, offer a magnificent visual journey to complement this special story in one of America's greatest moments.

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Kate Chenery Tweedy

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