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The Bill Schonely Story

by Kerry Eggers

      Bill Schonely and Kerry Eggers hooked up to write Schonely’s biography, “Wherever You May Be — the Bill Schonely Story,” in 1998, shortly after the legendary broadcaster was demoted by the Portland Trail Blazers.

      Schonely’s version of what happened when he was relieved of play-by-play duties after 28 years of service was heavily edited by Blazer management before it came to print.

Now, nearly a quarter-century later, the true story is told by Schonely and many of those who worked with and around him in “Wherever You May Be … Now — the Bill Schonely Story.”

      We catch you up on what has happened with “The Schonz” over the past 24 years, including a stint with the Pacific Coast League Portland Beavers, his selection for the Curt Gowdy Award with the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, his retirement ceremony at Moda Center after nearly 50 years with the Blazers and his ride in the lead car of the Grand Floral Parade as part of Portland’s annual Rose Festival.

      The entire manuscript from the original book is included with this book. Enjoy the stories of Schonely as a young Marine and dance band crooner, as a pro wrestling referee (and wrestler) and hockey goaltender, as a major league broadcaster with the one-and-done Seattle Pilots, as the first voice of the Trail Blazers and, of course, his love affair with wife Dottie.

       Rip City, everybody!

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Kerry Eggers

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