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The Girl Who Lived on the Third Floor

Soft Cover

8.5" x 8.5"

34 pages

The Girl Who Lived on the Third Floor shares a journey of the author in search for his mother who died when he was two years old. A recurring dream about a room on the third floor of a house, which represented his search for his mother. The dream of that third floor room came many times, and gave peace and calm. In 2016 he moved into a three-story house. Soon thereafter, foster care found him. A room on the third floor became the bedroom of their new 11 day old child, who is now a family member. Quote Anthony Romanello, the author, "I pray that all who read this book find your third floor.  After all, we are all God's adopted children."

Grosveror Merle-Smith_edited.jpg

by Anthony Romanello

Illustrated by Nell Chesley

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