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The Girl Who Was No Kin to the Marshalls and Other Stories

by Anne Hobson Freeman

2nd Printing!

ISBN 978-1-7368989-5-6

5.5" x 8.5"    184 pages   Hard cover 


       Anne Hobson Freeman's crystal clear prose never gets in the way of her stories. They are deceptively simple, without artifice or ornamentation. Each word is precisely right. 

       Set firmly in time and place, they may seem at first glance to be simple exercises in nostalgia and windows into another era. But, in fact they resonate with genuine power.

       Each story explores the deep seriousness of being human from an intimate but universal prespective. Each offers a clear view straight into a place where asusmptions meet reality and eyes – the characters' and the readers' – are opened.

       Thoughtless children, awkward adolescents, tactless grandmothers, earnest young mothers, ambitious workers, high-minded old ladies, faceless strangers are all much more than they seem. Obligations and evasions, kindless and carelessness, self-consciousness and courage, shame and gratitude are met along the way to deeper understanding.

       I have re-read these stories often over the years and their impact on me hasn't diminished. They are really good.

–– Kitty Williams, editor and writer

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Anne Hobson Freeman

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