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Patricia Rose


Upon completion of a thirty-two year career in teaching, Pat Rose has continued to maintain a strong interest in educating and writing. She taught numerous workshops and self-published a fiction adventure children’s novel entitled “Spirit of Blackfoot Country.” She has also submitted non-fiction articles(s) in “Fun For Kidz,” “Madison,” “Pleasant Living Magazine,” and “The House and Home Magazine.” 

Completed in 2004 a memoir, “Anchored In America,” has been presented in program format. With her latest book, Tides That Bind ~ Weems Virginia, Pat is pleased to share the story of growing up in a very unique community. As a docent of the Virginia Historical Society, she enjoys guiding children and adults through the “Virginia Crossroads” exhibit. 

Pat resides in Midlothian, Virginia, and places great value upon interaction with her family.

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