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Dementi History Group

At Dementi Milestone Publishing's History Group, we believe in the importance of history – in the value of recording it and celebrating it. Working with organizations to bring their stores to life is something of a passion around here. We understand that no two organizations are alike, and that history is more than just a chronological list of dates and events. It's the story of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going. Recording your organization's history is an opportunity to share your unique story whether it be part inspiration, part perseverance, or part luck. If your organization is turning twenty or fifty or just reaching a milestone, we can help you commemorate the event with something special –– your story.

What We Do:

We Listen. We ask questions. What are your goals? Who is your audience? What is important to you in sharing your story? What do you want to achieve with the book?

We Plan. With your goals in mind, we explore the availability of resources to determine the size and scope of the project. We'll discuss parameters, budget, and create an outline and timeline. In our experience, most books require a year from the initial phase to publication, but this may vary based on the number of pages, depth of research required, and your availability. We recognize that you're busy and we respect your time. While most clients hire us to manage the project in it's entirety, some organizations have an in-house corporate/creative team. We will partner with you to put together the best approach to bring your history to life.

We Research. While we start with what is readily available, we need your help to add the details and add content. Crafting a complete organizational history requires you to grant access to employees, documents, and images. Often, the most valuable information doesn't come from papers or websites but rather from "oral histories" and personal interviews.

We Write. We Revise, We Design. After compiling and organizing the research, we write your story. We welcome your feedback –– it's YOUR story –– and we will work with you to get it right. Because Dementi is a full-service publisher, we provide copyediting services and quality design to bring your book to the final stages.

We Publish. After the final edits, your book goes to press where it will be printed, bound, and delivered.

We Market. If it's one of your goals to market your book to an audience outside of you organization, we'll work with you to set up distribution on all the major bookselling sites, share marketing strategies, and advise as needed.

Why Dementi?

We have Experience. Wayne Dementi is an accomplished photographer and publisher with decades of experience in the industry. At Dementi Milestone Publishing, he works with people and organizations in Richmond and across Virginia to take their stories from concept to the coffee table. Dementi Milestone Publishing is best known for the books which celebrate Richmond and Richmonders.

K.L.Murphy is a freelance writer and author with more than a decade of experience writing for regional publications as well as corporations and non-profits. She has written on a range of topics including but not limited to parenting, financial management, food/restaurants, philanthropy, and public speaking. K.L. Murphy has written for several regional magazines as well as crafting and editing content for corporate websites, blogs, and newsletters. She is the author of THE CENTER: FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION (Dementi Milestone Publishing 2017),  the 70-year history of the Carole and Marcus Weinstein Jewish Community Center. She is also the author of the Detective Cancini Mystery series from HarperCollins/Witness Impulse: A GULITY MIND, STAY OF EXECUTION, and THE LAST SIN. She is a member the Historical Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, Sisters in Crime, and James River Writers. She lives in Richmond, VA, with her husband, children, and amazing dogs.

We're Local.  Serving Richmond and Virginia is a priority at Dementi History Group. We are dedicated to writing and publishing stories relevant to our community.

We're Full Service. Dementi has the expertise to manage your project from the initial phase through publication. Our team can plan, research, write, edit, and design, so you don't have to.

If you would like to learn more about Dementi's History Group and working with us to publish your organization's story, contact us here:

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