Dementi Milestone Publishing, also known as Dementi Books, is a publishing company dedicated to releasing books of accomplished authors and their works.  To learn more about Dementi Milestone Publishing, see our "About" Page.  To learn more about our titles and our amazing authors, select a book or author from the list below.

ABC'S from the James River

A Box in the Basement

A Bridge to Somewhere

A Serving of Revenge*

Akashic Alphabet

Book de Tour

Bush Hogs and Other Swine

Chivalry thy Name is Bubba

Churchill & Eisenhower

Cross Court Reflections

Death By Silence*


Empire of the Owls

Facts and Legends of Goochland County

Facts and Legends of Richmond Area Streets

Famous Horsewoman of Virginia

Finding Thalhimers

Finley Finds Heaven

Flying Change

From Paperboy to Boomer

Historical Infrastructure of the Virginia Military Institute

Imperfect Past

In Search of Good Government

Irreverent Relevancies


Mathews County, Virginia

Murray and the MudMumblers

My Blessed Bride*

Of Apostates and Scapegoats*

On A Kansas Prairie*

On Richmond's Wheel*

Preserving Liberty and Keeping the American Republic *

Racing Time*

Reach For More*

Ready. Set. Go. Bryce*

Richmond's Main Street*

Richmond~One of America's Best Tennis Towns

Richmond~Still One of America's Best Tennis Towns*


Riva Ridge

Road Gang*

Rocks Across the Pond

Sadie's Silence*

Secretariat & Man o' War

Secretariat's Meadow-6th edition*

Secretariat's Meadow--- The Tremendous Machine Rolls On*

Seniors Say the Darndest Things*

Songlines of Richmond

Southern Soldier Boy*

Springer Spirit 1

Springer Spirit Volume 2*

Starlight On The Rails - A Vietnam Veterans Long Road Home*

State Fair of Virginia~Since 1854

Teardrops to Cheerdrops*

The Art of Cycling

The Byrd~Celebrating the Byrd Theatre

The Diamond~Miracle on the Boulevard

The Extremes of Virginia

The Hunting Horn*

The Key to the Quarter Pole*

The Last Pumpkin

The Last Romantic War*

The Monumental Truth*

The Principal's Pink Tutu Run*

The Queen and The USA

The Science of the Art of Medicine*

The Shelter Gang and their Secret Adventure*

Totally Tennis for Me!*

Toxic Boss Blues

Under A Kansas Sky*

Under Every Tree*

Virginia Iliad*

Where The Music Was Playing*

Weems, Virginia. Tides that Bind*

Your Amazing and Vulnerable Brain*

* New Release

August Wallmeyer

Aynsley Miller Fisher

Becky Gunn Holmes

Betty Lewis Ellett

Bill Lohmann

Bobby Bayliss

Bobby Ukrop with Randy Hallman and Phil Stanton

Brian Dementi and Patricia Dementi

Brooks Smith and Wayne Dementi

Charles F. Bryan, Jr.

Conrad Mercer Hall

Danny Hogan

Danny Lewis and Michael Whitt

David M. Szumowski

Donald E. Davis and Eugene P. Trani

Dr. Brian A. Dementi

Edward Seayers Whitlock, III

Elizabeth Thallhimer Smartt

Eric Hodgkins

Eric Perkins with Tom Hood and John Packett

Eugene P. Trani and Donald E. Davis

George Bruner

Glenwood Burley

Greig Leach

Grosvenor Merle-Smith

H.V. Traywick, Jr.

Harry Baldwin

Jackson Mcleod Smith and Janie Smith

James P. Bennett, Jr. M.D., Ph.D.

Janie Smith and Jackson Mcleod Smith

John B. Keefe, Sr.

John E. Brush, Jr., MD

John Packett and Tom Hood with Eric Perkins

Kate Chenery Tweedy with Leeanne Ladin

Kate Sloan

Katherine Brendli

Kathleen Murat Williams

Ken Peterson

Leeann Ladin with Kate Chenery Tweedy

Libby Layne

Lou Ann Ladin with Wayne Dementi

Maureen Cummins 

Michael Whitt and Danny Lewis

Patricia Dementi with Brian Dementi

Patricia L. Rose

Patrick Smithwick

Phil Stanton and Randy Hallman with Bobby Ukrop

Phyllis Brock Silber

R. Morgan Armstrong

Randy Hallman and Phil Stanton with Bobby Ukrop

Reverend Christopher Morgan Brookfield

Rich Babbitt

Richard and Kathy Verlander

Robin Traywick Williams

Sallie Thalhimer

Steve Fortner

The Lord Watson of Richmond, CBE and H. Edward Mann

Thomas Mustian

Tom Hood and John Packett with Eric Perkins

Trenace Rose

Wayne Dementi (and Leeann Ladin, and Brooks Smith)

William A. Pike (and Nell Chesley)

"Every book, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens."

~ Carlos Ruiz Zafón