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Butch and Sundance Do India

6" x 9"  Softcover

160  Pages




The heavily armed guard spat out a command in Assamese. Our guide whispered, “He is wanting your passports.” Bo and I smiled thinly, and I wondered, would my husband ever know what happened to us?


With trademarked humor, Williams takes readers on a fast-paced road trip across India from Delhi to the Burmese border, as she and her brother chase the ghost of their father and reimagine scenes from the World War II campaign to recapture Burma (Myanmar) from the Japanese.


Williams captivated readers with “The Last Romantic War”—the epic story of her father’s exploits in WWII, including her parents’ exotic global romance. Now here is the exciting backstory: A research trip to India that turns into two madcap weeks of unexpected adventure and culture shock.

Butch and Sundance Do India

SKU: 979-8-9890973-2-6
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