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Frosty is No Snowman

by Kerry Eggers


6" x 9"   Hardcover   232 pages


By trade, William “Frosty” Comer was a

hospital pharmacist and a military man. But

there is much more to his story, and to his life,

that is told in this book.


Comer is a family man — he and his wife

of 55 years, Vicki, have two daughters and five

grandchildren — and a live wire renowned for

getting things done, and doing them well. He is

an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, a believer and

an achiever.


The Comers’ outside passion is Oregon State

and, in particular, Beaver athletics. They bleed

orange and black, pure and simple.

In these pages you’ll also read about the

Comers’ “son,” Brian Cook, and his rise from

near-high school washout to founder and CEO

of Cook Solutions Group, one of the state of

Oregon’s most successful businesses over the

past two decades. Cook’s creed has been to treat

both customers and employees right, borrow-

ing from a like philosophy learned from Frosty

many years ago.


Frosty, too, came from humble beginnings.

“Frosty Is No Snowman” is a motivational tale

that shows an awful lot can be accomplished by

determination and hard work. It’s an ethos that

carried both Frosty and Brian to unforeseen

heights. Can do? Indeed.

Frosty is No Snowman

SKU: ISBN: 979-8-9872295-8-3
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