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Stuart Circle Hospital - Memories From Grateful Graduates

       Located in an historical area of Richmond, Virginia, Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing was a three-year diploma nursing school that, after 62 years, closed its doors in 1975. The mission and the values of this beloved institution was reflected in their expectations for a student to become a graduate nurse. These standards remained constant through decades of changes: Richmond during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic, the impact of World War II on hospital staffing and the introduction of penicillin.

       In an effort to preserve decades of collective memories, SCH graduates shared their personal stories in this keepsake book, which covers the years, 1913-1975. One consistent theme became apparent through these histories. Grateful graduates credit these years for shaping their own values and providing guidance as they embraced many roles in their life journeys. We trust that these memories will be a lasting legacy to all the proud and grateful graduates of SCH School of Nursing.

Stuart Circle Hospital - Memories From Grateful Graduates

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