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Teardrops to Cheerdrops

         Loving kindness truly is the answer. It is not a naive and childish idea, but a truly powerful antidote to the problems we face, personally and collectively. Each kind deed reverberates beyond us in remarkable ways. Treat yourself with kindness. Treat others with kindness. It will change your life, and in turn change the world.

         The seeds for this book were first planted in my psyche when my youngest daughter approached me after the Columbine High School tragedy in 1999. She wanted answers about why it happened and how to deal with the deep sadness we all felt. In my own heartfelt grief, the only answer I could give her was that we cannot fix the broken hearts of those directly hurt by such traumas, but perhaps we can counteract such tragedies and heal our own selves by sharing simple acts of kindness with others.

Teardrops to Cheerdrops

SKU: 978-1-7330268-9-5
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