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Weems, Virginia. Tides that Bind
It was inevitable.  People came.  The pull of the lush green peninsula was inescapable.  Bound by the waters of Carters Creek and the Rappahannock River the rich soil and plentiful marine life created an ideal state.  A community of people believing in their own brand of success would take hold.  Their endurance as well as their faith would be tested.  This is a collection of local individuals’ treasured memories and memorabilia.  It is a chronicle about people living and working together over many decades to form a kinship of the rarest kind upon the rise and fall of the tide.

Weems, Virginia. Tides that Bind

  • By Patricia L. Rose
    ISBN: 978-0-9981471-4-7

    8.5" x 11", Hardback, 320 pages
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