It was romantic and exciting to do your part to save the world for freedom and afterwards, to rejoice together in homecomings and victory.  For America, it was The Last Romantic War.


Reading like a historical novel, this dramatic love story, writ large against the backdrop of World War II, moves colorfully from college dance floors to the training grounds at Ft. Benning and then around the world to the Japanese-held jungles of Burma. Bo Traywick, a dashing Army officer, and Flo Neher, a popular coed, face daunting odds in their quest for love. Burning airplanes, runaway horses, errant hand grenades and a sexy spy hold the reader’s attention from the first page to the last. 


Told with impressive historical accuracy, the book adds a new layer of understanding to the experiences of the Greatest Generation.

“...the story of an extraordinary family during extraordinary times...compelling reading.”
—Charles F. Bryan, Jr., Ph.D., President & CEO emeritus, Virginia Historical Society 

By Robin Traywick Williams

ISBN:  978-1-7350611-3-9



6"x9" soft cover, 312 pages